Songs We Sing


The songs we sing in Companion Voices are carefully and lovingly chosen, with the aim of bringing a sense of peace, comfort and support to our listeners.

I am a river flowing to the ocean
I am a river passing through this land…
~ Song by Nickomo

Songs are drawn from many different cultures and traditions and we often sing in languages that won’t be known to our listeners, so they can relax to the gentle tones and syllables without having to engage with their meaning. Our repertoire includes lullabies and chants, old and recently-composed pieces. Songs in English bring messages of kindness and spiritual serenity.

People often ask whether we sing songs that have been meaningful to our listeners during their lives; this can be done at times – depending on the song, listeners, situation, singers and so on. Mostly we feel that our purpose is to help people move forward from life and that familiar sounds might have the effect of drawing them back. Every case is different and every time we sing is unique.

A selection of the songs we sing in Companion Voices is available to hear online:

Since we cannot go to bedsides at the moment, we are sharing our full Companion Voices CD here for you, recorded by our founder, Judith Silver, in 2017, as well as the songs recorded virtually by a group of Companions in the summer of 2020 on our Home Page. We sincerely hope that listening to these voices from the heart can bring you some comfort until the situation changes.

Here’s a link to a version of our song ‘Companions’, written by Judith Silver, recorded by Judith and Companions from various local groups on Zoom in the summer of 2020.

Please request permission to access the learning files.