Companion Voices Songbook – £5.00 (incl P&P)

A slim volume of lyrics of songs taught and sung, tried and tested over the first three and a half years of Companion Voices.

Cost: £5.00 (includes P&P) – please Contact Us to obtain a copy.


Companion Voices CD – £10.00 (incl P&P)

A collection of 16 of our songs, sung by Judith, to be left with those we sing to and their families, or used to give a sense of our repertoire and ethos.
LISTEN: You can listen to CLIPS of the songs we sing on the Companion Voices CD.

Cost: £10.00* (includes P&P) – please Contact Us to obtain a copy.
* Current copies are £5 to Watford residents (as the recording was funded by Watford Council).

Resource pack for facilitators

For those interested in setting up their own Companion Voices groups, there is a training programme of sessions with Judith and a pack of notes and guidance, including the songbook and CD.

Please contact Judith if you’d like to find out more.